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5 Reasons Your Mind Won’t Let You Be Great 

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Often, we don’t even recognize the negative thought patterns that creep up any time we receive undesirable feedback, are confronted with challenges, or just plain fail at something we want to achieve.

Getting to a place where you can push through these obstacles and begin seeing them in a different, more positive light is the only path to true success and happiness.  And it starts with awareness….


On this webinar, you will learn the 5 toxic habits that are blocking you from reaching your full potential and how you can begin to transform your mindset to:


  • See your “NO’s” as a REDIRECTION to what IS meant for you

  • Use your FEAR as FUEL

  • Appreciate FAILURE as a sign of PROGRESS

Where: Online (You'll receive the webinar link via email once you register)

Cost: $39.00



By signing up, you’ll also receive my 7-Day Mind Detox Challenge. In this program, you’ll learn how to become more aware of your thoughts, how to become more solution-oriented, and build habits that move you closer to your ideal situation. Each day, starting Monday, April 20th, you will receive an email with a link to that days Mindset Training.

See you inside!

Darius “The Professor” Wise, went from dead broke, bill collectors calling him every day, losing a six-figure software trainer job, living with his parents into his 30’s not knowing what his future would be, to paying every penny he owed anyone, writing his first book, being featured on major TV networks and building his dream home from the ground up with his amazing wife, Allison.

After many years of struggling, Darius learned how to think himself into his ideal situation. He became aware of his self-limiting thoughts and realized they were impacting his life. 

He took all of the experiences he had labeled as negative and made them work for him and not against him. He will show you that it’s not what people have told you or said about you that has gotten you in the situation you’re in.  He will also teach you how you can create the outcome you want in your life regardless of the events that occurs.

Darius has over 25 years of training experience, where he has trained audiences from local and federal government agencies, private sector companies, middle and high school students to inspiring entrepreneurs. He is a Jack Canfield Certified trainer and a NeuroCoach.

The Professor's mission is to teach individuals how to take control of their phenomenal mind and consciously use it every day to achieve their life goals.


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