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Mind Detox

Presented by: Darius "The Professor" Wise

Author of "What are You Thinking?"

Join the 7-Day Mind Detox Challenge

Reset Your Mind for Success


In this LIVE, interactive training, I will help you:

  • Stop negative self-talk that prevents you from taking action to achieve your goals

  • Begin to break the cycle of repeating the same failures and excuses over and over again

  • Gain the clarity you need to go from just existing to thriving and doing the things you have always wanted to do

  • Adopt an “unstoppable” mindset that allows you to push through challenges and obstacles

  • Become more optimistic about life and hopeful for your future

  • Define what success and happiness looks like for you and to begin taking steps to create the life you desire

  • Step outside of your comfort zone and complete daily challenges that stretch your view of what is possible for yourself

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PLUS, you’ll get:

  • A special invitation to my private Facebook community where the entire challenge will go down

  • Daily morning mindset trainings hosted by me each day of the challenge

  • Engage with like-minded transformation seekers on a similar journey to think themselves into their ideal situations

Here’s the Truth:  No matter who you are, your thoughts have the power to either build you up or destroy you

You can train your brain to process your experiences differently so that you can actually “think yourself into your ideal situation”…

Join us on this 7-day journey to transform your life with the power of positive and purposeful thinking

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