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Discover Your Phenomenal Mind

Transformation Program

WiseDecisions Institute

A 5-Week Mindset Transformation Program

What if I told you that you could master the major obstacle 

blocking you from becoming who you were designed to be by controlling how and what you think?

Imagine being able to literally think yourself into your ideal situation.

Hi I'm Darius “The Professor” Wise the founder of WiseDecisions Institute. I went from being dead broke, bill collectors calling me every day, losing a six-figure software trainer job, living with my parents into my 30’s not knowing what my future would be, to paying every penny I owed anyone, writing my first book, being featured on major TV networks and building my dream home from the ground up with my amazing wife, Allison.

After many years of struggling, I learned how to think myself into my ideal situation. I became aware of my self-limiting thoughts and realized they were impacting my life. 

I took all of the experiences I had labeled as negative and made them work for me and not against me. In this program I will show you that it’s not what people have told you or said about you that has gotten you in the situation you’re in.  I will also teach you how you can create the outcome you want in your life regardless of the events that occur.

I have over 25 years of training experience, where I have trained audiences from local and federal government agencies, private sector companies, middle and high school students to inspiring entrepreneurs. I am a Jack Canfield Certified trainer and a NeuroCoach.

My mission is to teach individuals how to take control of their phenomenal mind and consciously use it every day to achieve their life goals.

I want to help you tap into the power of your phenomenal mind!

We think over 50,000 thoughts a day. Some of them help us. Others keep us stuck and constantly challenging whether we are worthy of the greatness destined for our lives.

My new transformation program "Discover Your Phenomenal Mind" will offer you a step-by-step guide to help you:

  • Learn how to break the cycle of constantly doubting yourself and questioning your ability so you can move closer to your goals

  • Start to challenge thoughts that no longer serve where you want to be in life

  • Change how you think about situations and adversity you face so you see them as opportunities and not failures

  • Begin doing the “inner work” so your life can become a reflection of what you imagine it can be

Program Learning Plan:

  • Live, Interactive Q&A Call -  Each week, I will hold a Live Q&A call to answer any questions you have as you move through the course content and to provide extra support.

  • Access the Course Materials - Gain access to the easy-to-follow videos, e-books, and helpful course materials. Watch the videos as many times as you like, and take notes to fully master each lesson.

  • Complete the Course At Your Pace -  Take your time and watch the course as your schedule permits.  You will maintain lifetime access and the ability to stop, and pick back up right where you left off at any time.

  • Start Experiencing Results -  Begin taking practical steps to use your thoughts to propel your life forward.

  • Access to our Private Facebook Community - You will receive regular training, motivation, and inspiration and a place to share your wins as you progress on your transformational journey

Making the commitment to understanding how your mind plays a part in your life may be new to you, if so there are a few things I want you to know...

Our Program Quality Agreement:

  • You will be provided with best-in-class tools that are easy for anyone to follow.

  • You have a money back guarantee for the first 24 hours after purchase.

  • You will have lifetime access to the course.

Here's the Truth: No matter who you are, your thoughts have the POWER to either develop the weapons to destroy you or create the tools to build you up. The choice is yours!

If you are ready to take control of your life and live on your own terms, I want to help you tap into the POWER of your Phenomenal mind. And it starts today...

Tonya Martin

Brilliance, pure and simple brilliance. Darius is an awesome speaker and more importantly leaves the receiver of the message wanting to examine or re-examine where they are in life.

Madelyn Roche

When you hear Darius speak it will quickly become evident that he has a unique approach. He engages you in a positive and uplifting way. After you've heard Darius, you will know what actions you can take to think and feel differently about your life!

Pat Mangan

Darius' research-based presentation blended with his personal life philosophy prompted me to consider (or, reconsider) some of my own inconsistencies, blind spots, lack of clarity, and wishful thinking that get in the way of my personal, spiritual, professional, financial and health goals.

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