Saturday, June 29, 2019, Alexandria, VA

Think Yourself into Your Ideal Situation is designed to be a transformational event for anyone who's looking to discover how their thoughts, conscious and unconscious, impact what they achieve in life.

Why Should you attend this Event?

 Do you sometimes feel like your life is playing out the movie Groundhog Day? Where every morning when you wake up you are re-living the same disheartening day, over and over again. The job you go to doesn't bring fulfillment, your relationships are not meaningful, your finances are in the tank and you don't know your purpose in life. And now, after many years of torment and putting on you're happy face, you have resigned to tiptoeing through life trying to safely make it to death.

You are phenomenal, you are amazing and you have greatness within you. So, why is your life so different than someone who has similar issues but is truly happy and living their best life? The answer, how you think. By your own thoughts you will build the weapons to destroy yourself or you will create the tools to build yourself up.


Think Yourself into Your Ideal Situation will teach you the science of how your thoughts and beliefs determine your actions, and how those actions dictate the results of your life. You will learn how changing how you think about your career, relationships, health, finances and yourself can create the life you desire. We will peel back the layers and dig deep to uncover what thoughts may be holding you back. After this event you will understand how your thoughts, conscious and unconscious, impact what you achieve in life.


This event is designed to be intimate, engaging, thought provoking and will create breakthroughs in your life. This is not a "warm bath" event, where you feel pumped and excited during the event and leave not knowing what to do. You will have the tools and action steps necessary, at the end of the day, to go out confidently believing you are in control of what happens in your life. 

Until now, you were never taught that you have the ability to "Think Yourself into Your Ideal Situation." Join us and Discover your Phenomenal Mind! 

Key Areas Explored at the Event

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Understand you have more control over your life than you give yourself credit for.



Gain insight to what happens in your brain when you have certain thoughts.



Become more intentional, deliberate and conscious with your thoughts.



Understand that how you respond to life events is more impactful than the event itself.



Learn how to reprogram your thinking to create new thought patterns.